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Saguaro Shoes Co., Ltd is a company specialized in producing water shoes. With over 20 years of producing experience , the factory is well allocated with biochemical lab, testing center, skilled and stable technicians to guarantee products' supreme quality . Saguaro start the retail in hope to have inspired you to get outside, to share the passion of outdoor culture and challenge ourselves in the mountains, water, and deserts of the planet we love so much. Started with designing water shoes that you can relax in, active in, or you can work in comfortably on your feet all day.


SAGUARO men's and women's perforated shoes

SAGUARO men's and women's perforated shoes are super light and flexible, breathable and smooth fabric provides great freedom and comfort. Lightweight and compressible for easy folding and carrying when going out. The ultra-light and wear-resistant rubber sole protects your feet from stones and other sharp objects. Let you swim, fish by the lake, walk along the beach, surf, yoga training, beach games and more.

SAGUARO Boys and Girls Breathable Sports Sandals

SAGUARO Boys Girls Breathable Athletic Sandals are so breathable and comfortable, with non-slip out sole, quick-drying vamp and insole, anti-collision toe cap, give your kids more safety, more fun! Premium quality durable textile vamp with hollowed-out design enlarges the breathing space for kids feet for more breathable and comfy wearing. Let your kids enjoy the summer and be ready for adventure .

SAGUARO Men's & Women's perforated Water Shoes

SAGUARO men's and women's perforated shoes, inspired by classic casual shoes. The classic cutout design allows air and water to flow out easily, making the shoes breathable and quick-drying. Piercing allows your feet to breathe ,stay dry and cool. Antibacterial properties reduce foot odor. Shoes are really the best choice for gardens, houses, beaches, waterfalls, etc. There are a variety of sizes and colors, so you just have to choose what you like.